Tips for Making Parties Easy Yet Unforgettable

Throwing a party is always a lot of fun, but any experienced host or hostess will readily admit that it is always a lot of work as well. In fact, most of us would probably be happy to host many more get-togethers than we do if it weren’t for the daunting prospect of all the preparation and clean up required, not to mention the challenge of getting things done during the party while also trying to enjoy yourself and your guests. Too many times, we tend to think that if we take the easy way out, our party will suffer OR if we make it extra special, we will suffer. What if we could actually have it both ways? Is it really possible to host a party that is easy to put together, yet memorable for all who come? The answer is a resounding… yes!

For an effortless, impressive bash, consider preparing a few simple appetizers and/or desserts ahead of time (keep reading!) and having the rest of the food delivered by one of your favorite nearby restaurants. Order using Chow Call and let local chefs take the cooking burden off of you while putting amazing flavors on every guest’s plate! You won’t regret utilizing this winner among food delivery apps. Party planning could not be more convenient; amazing dishes that are certain to wow your guests are literally now at your fingertips!

Tempt Your Guests with Mouth-Watering Appetizers

Every party needs a few great appetizers to kick things off and welcome guests properly. However, this extra menu item need not cause you extra stress. Here are a few simple, yet delicious, appetizer ideas that you can prepare in just minutes:

Sweet & Sour Sausages: Put two 16 ounce packages of miniature smoked sausage links in a small crock pot along with an 8 ounce jar of grape jelly and an 18 ounce bottle of barbecue sauce. Cook on high for at least 2 hours or on low for at least 4 hours before the party starts. Mix well and serve with little toothpicks. The combination of those sweet and tangy flavors will get rave reviews!

3 Ingredient Sausage & Cheese Dip: In large frying pan, brown one pound of ground breakfast sausage. Drain well. Add one can of Rotel and two 8 ounce packages of cream cheese. Stir together over medium heat until ingredients are well-mixed and the cheese has melted. Serve warm with plenty of tortilla chips. I guarantee there will not be any leftovers of this one!

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