Pasta: Your Suppertime Superstar

Pasta is one of the most versatile foods you will ever find. What other dinner fare can be featured in a soup on Monday night, a salad on Tuesday night, a casserole on Wednesday night, with a hearty sauce on Thursday night, and with shrimp or clams on Friday night? And, no one will be tempted to say, “What? Pasta again tonight??” because of the seemingly endless varieties available and the numerous flavors and foods it pairs so well with. Pasta is happy to introduce itself as an appetizer, take center stage as the main course, linger contentedly as a side dish, or be completely disguised by a host of other more dramatic ingredients. It is usually served steaming hot, but is just as delicious cooked and then chilled in a salad. It can be dressed to the nines or served simply with melted butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan. Even the pickiest eaters usually find pasta to be a palate-pleasing winner, and kids usually enjoy the variety of fun shapes it comes in.

Pasta your suppertime superstar

Besides being versatile, pasta boasts many more reasons for being your new suppertime superstar. It is incredibly easy and quick to prepare, requiring little more than boiling water and a sauce for topping, making it a great choice for beginning cooks or tired working parents. And, clean up is a snap! It’s extremely cheap, so those on tight budgets will appreciate its affordability. It also stays fresh for a long time, as both dry and frozen varieties have a shelf life of several months. Pasta is very satisfying and keeps you full longer than most other dishes. Because it is so filling, you won’t be tempted to snack or eat unhealthy foods following your pasta dinner. And, last but definitely not least, pasta has great health benefits. Its low glycemic index helps keep blood sugar regulated and can help prevent diabetes and obesity. Whole grain pasta is a good source of energy and fiber and can protect one against stomach issues and colon cancers. It is low in both fat sodium, an added benefit for those at risk for heart disease and/or high blood pressure. Plus, it can be gluten-free, so those who have gluten sensitivities can still enjoy it in all of its glory.

So, with all of pasta’s amazing features, what are you waiting for? Be sure to invite this suppertime superstar to your dinner table tonight! Tasty pasta recipes abound, but if you would rather have someone else manage all the prep, be sure to satisfy your pasta cravings by ordering through ChowCall. The pasta entrees on our menus will not disappoint! Just search for local food delivery or use the keywords order food online near me to have this awesomeness delivered right to your door in no time. Your suppertime superstar awaits!

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