Hungry? Yell For CHOW CALL!

You know what it’s like. You’ve been on maneuvers for a couple of weeks and you’ve got another week to go. Training is tough, nights are long and uncomfortable, and MRE’s are pretty close to the last thing you want to eat again. You’ve been ticking off the days in your head, counting down to the day when you can make that call to your favorite restaurant. That celebratory meal for making it through another harrowing training routine. You’re a Marine; you can handle it. Just thinking about perfectly grilled steak, juicy chicken, spicy jambalaya, or some other favorite delicacy is pushing you onward to that reward.

The last thing you want to happen when you finally get cleaned up and ready to eat is for your meal to be lost or late. That’s why you give a yell to Chow Call! Run with the efficiency of the Marine Corps, because Chow Call’s founder and owner is a Marine Corps war veteran. He knows what you want… that you want it fast, hot, and at your front door when the craving hits. Marines and civilians alike will find the service of Chow Call to be top notch. Of the few meal delivery services in Jacksonville, NC, Chow Call is locally owned. Chow Call associates have 15 years experience making food deliveries in a fast, friendly manner. Service and quality are not the only things you get. You get the BEST service and quality. Delivery partners know to plot the best course
from the restaurant door to the consumer’s door. Their service delivers food with the precise timing and temperature customers want and expect.

Chow Call understands the intricacies of delivering on a Marine Corps base. You can’t just waltz through the front door carrying a package. You have to follow the protocols set in place. This familiarity with base rules is just one thing that makes them the best meal delivery service in town. Chow Call’s knowledge of the Jacksonville area is as proficient as their knowledge of Camp Lejeune. Their involvement in Jacksonville’s food delivery industry for the past 15 years has given them opportunities to test routes and methods. Their base and community delivery expertise is unmatched by other delivery services.

Restaurant owners on and off base cannot find a better service to take your freshly made hot meals straight to customers. You can trust Chow Call to present your food to the customer the way your servers would set it on the table… friendly, professional service that leaves your customers with a pleasant memory associated with your food.

Like all other business owners, restaurateurs search for ways to be more cost-effective. A delivery service that will cost the restaurants and their customers less is a win-win for everyone. Chow Call is locally owned by a Marine war veteran who was once stationed at Camp Lejeune and virtually lived on base. Forging a partnership between a delivery service and restaurant where each has a vested interest in the other’s success can only lead to a profitable business relationship. If you are a
Jacksonville restaurant currently not delivering on base, you are missing a huge opportunity for a big payoff.

Chow Call is driven to serve both consumer and restaurant to the best of their ability. Go the app store on your smartphone and download the Chow Call application. You can search for restaurants in the Jacksonville area, order your food, and then sit back with your feet up and wait for your meal to arrive. The app automatically searches for your location so they know right where to deliver your food. You can add restaurants and other preferences to make ordering even faster. This is just another example of the Marine-like efficiency of this service.

When a Marine Corps war veteran moves from Camp Lejeune and stays in the Jacksonville, NC, area to open his own business, that says a lot for the love of the location. A business owner who knows the lay of the land and understands a huge part of the consumer base is a valuable partner. Choosing Chow Call as your delivery service, whether you are the restaurant owner or the customer, is a wise choice. Fast, friendly, and reliable… you will not be disappointed saving money on food delivery services or having satisfied customers and restaurant owners.

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